About us

About Keltirage Photography

Keltirage Photography is a unique photographic service owned and operated by Ryan Smith in the heart of the beautiful Burbank city of California, USA.

Keltirage Photography specializes in all types of photography including wedding photography and over the years we have taken the time to hone the necessary skills to capture the essence of all those important moments that make this such a very special day in so many peoples lives.

The services that Keltirage Photography provides are tailored specifically to those couples who want quality, professional and stylish images of their special day taken for not only an affordable price but in a timeless manner that will always remain fresh and never go out of fashion.

Recognizing that there are many things to consider when choosing a photographer who you can feel confident in entrusting your photos, we have put together a comprehensive and easy-to-read section dealing with all the things you should be aware of before choosing a professional photographer. Our online resource is full of helpful information assisting you in making a completely informed decision regarding your photography.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that not only should your photos be of the highest quality but that the cost of your photography should remain affordable and represent excellent value for money. This is why, unlike many other photographic agencies, we have always included the negatives and the copyright for FREE with all our Photo packages and pass on both to you at the same time you collect your photographs. Because our philosophy is all about giving you what you want, we are completely flexible when it comes to the style in which you want your photographs were taken, as well as our packages and pricing.

Our Mission

At Keltirage Photography we take great pride in the quality of our work. We understand, however, the stress that can go into planning a photo and choosing a suitable photographer. To help relieve you of that stress – and also because we want you to be happy – we will provide a written satisfaction guarantee with all of our photography packages to give you total peace of mind. This guarantee covers all those things that Keltirage Photography is in direct control over. We believe this is something which makes us totally unique in the California photographic industry.