Here are the eight keys to look great in photos (when somebody is taking your photo) …

(i) Use a Solid Background – have a solid colored background to focus the attention on the person in the photograph.

(ii) Have Photographer Stand on a Stool – when you photograph from slightly above the subject, they have to look up. This will eliminate any double chins.

(iii) Apply Foundation – this is simply a simple makeup to minimize any ‘hotspots’ that can result when the light hits your head.

(iv) Plain Colors – use colors that compliment your complexion and make sure that they are plain. You don’t want stripes or plaids distracting.

(v) Smile without Teeth – smile as wide as you can with your teeth and then close your lips. You are still smiling, but you won’t be barring your teeth to the photographer.

(vi) Knees to the Left or Right – when sitting for a photograph, put your knees either to the left or the right of the photographer. You can experiment with crossing them.

(vii) Take Deep Breaths – take a few deep breaths to help you relax and unwind. This might take a few minutes depending upon what you just came from doing.

(viii) Visualize – think about yourself on vacation or just having climbed a very high mountain. What about how proud you felt with the birth of your children. When you think about these positive things, they will be conveyed in your confident photograph.

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